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The knowledge of one's strength entails a real mastery over oneself; it breeds energy and courage, helps one over the most difficult tasks of life, and procures contentment and true enjoyment of living. ~ George Hackenschmidt

classic bodybuildersThere was a time in the not too distant past when the ideal of a healthy, muscular athletic body was very different from today.

In days gone by it was not uncommon for weightlifters, bodybuilders and the practitioners of the newly formed sport of powerlifting to train alongside each other in gyms across the globe.

At that time, since the meteoric success of physical culture movement of the late 19th and early 20th century, all forms of the iron game had a solid base in pure strength. And this foundation in strength produced some of the naturally muscular and healthy physiques for a millenium.

Bodybuilders competed in Olympic lifting competitions, practiced hand balancing and other gymnastic feats and regularly worked on the staple 3 strong lifts of powerlifting. Early powerlifters practiced their craft at Muscle Beach and other famous bodybuilding gyms and numerous weightlifters turned to physique competitions.

There was a sense of unity and camaraderie between the respective iron disciplines that really does not exist anymore.

But for a time there was a “Golden Age of Strength and Muscle Building”

Muscle Old School is both a celebration of the strength stars of the past and a training tool for those that wish to recreate this older ideal into their own training.

It is a site dedicated to striving for attainable goals for those of us that are not blessed with natural genetics and have no desire to chemically enhance their workouts.

For better or for worse, chemical assistance has changed the physical ideal to something that is freakish and unattainable. Worse of all the aesthetic ideal of the past has disappeared in favor of monstrous proportions that seem ugly at best and seriously unhealthy at worst.

muscle building

So who is Muscle Old School for?

Muscle Old School is for you if you:

  • are underweight and want to gain strength and mass
  • are overweight and want to get stronger and lose bodyfat
  • are a fan of the strength heroes of days-gone-by and want to find out more
  • want to add some old school workouts to your present training program
  • just want to learn a little history about the iron game


Surf the categories to find what you are looking for. Like physiques of old we aim to become big, lean and strong.

That is to say, big on information, lean on BS and strong on building the bodies and character of our readers.

To your ever increasing strength,