Thick Bar Training Benefits: Getting a Grip

FatGripz-300x250-1Much has been made of the benefits of thick bar training.

Thick bar training is a true old school muscle building method.

Whereas it was a commonplace training method in the past, it has fallen by the wayside in more recent times. 

By far the most famous thick bar in history was the Thomas Inch Dumbbell that foiled the attempts of many famous strongmen – including Arthur Saxon.


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We know thick bars build strength but they build strength by incorporating a number of physical factors. But what exactly are these benefits of thick bar training?


It Radically Strengthens Your Grip

Training with a thick bar is great for strengthening fingers, thumbs, wrists and forearms. Any exercise you do with a thick bar (especially the pulling movements) instantly becomes a hand and finger strengthening exercise as well.

You will have to radically deload any pulling exercise when you first start because they are extremely difficult to carry out. Even pressing movements are rugged to carry out. Its recommended you do specialised grip work when you first undertake thick bar training

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It’s a Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Builder in Equal Measure.

The harder you grip a bar the greater overall tension you put on your overall body musculature. Thick bar training is almost like doing an isometric exercise on top of doing your regular exercise.

Don’t believe me. Do a regular deadlift and then do a rep while gripping the bar with all your might. Notice the overall difference in how it feels. All facets of your musculature are under constant tension when you thick bar training, including your tendons and ligaments.

Greater overall tension leads to greater strength over time. This is a tried and true old school method


It Improves The Mind/Muscle Link

You have to concentrate on using your hands to a much larger degree when using a thick bar. All of this while carrying out your actual macro movement.

This strengthens the connection between your brain, your nervous system and the muscles ultimately controlled by the nerves. You do this unconsciously whenever you lift. But with thick bar training you bring mind/muscle training to the fore.

Powerlifting guru Marty Gallagher stipulates that a correct mental attitude can add 5-10% to your lifts. When you add the physical benefits of thick bar training along with a heightened sense of concentration it is feasible to add more than 10% to your lifts over time.

But I Can't Afford Or Haven't Got Access To A Thick Bar

Of course, thick bars are expensive and the average commercial gyms do not have thick bars as part of their equipment stock. Fortunately , there is a cheap alternative.

You can replicate all the benefits of thick bar training with a set of Fat Gripz. These military-grade, high density compound sleeves can slip over the handle on any barbell, dumbbell or chin-up bar making them a lot more versatile than a single thick bar. Best of all they are very inexpensive.

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