The Werewolf Legend Bell From Onnit: A Review

Werewolf Legend BellThere is something awesomely primal about lifting a hunk of metal off the ground and heaving it about with abandon. Onnit realise this and it is reflected in their savage kettlebell designs.

On a previous post I reviewed their Primal series bells as being the most awesome looking kettlebells out there in the marketplace.

But I think they have just outdone themselves.

Introducing to you iron gamers out there that like to lift in style – The Werewolf Legend Bell.



This is a 62lb (28kg) kettlebell that is a primal scream housed in iron and surfaced  in a robust chip-resistant finish.

It’s simply awesome

As with all of these Legend series bells, they are 3D scanned, so they are optimally balanced for the most primordial of strength sessions.

In the interests of an objective review it is only fair to point out that this is not a cheap piece of equipment to add to your home gym.

But my gut instinct is to say “Who cares!!”

It looks so damned awesome. And anything to motivate me to work that little bit harder is worth the extra cost.

So it’s time to sweat under the savage moon, harness the most primitive of physical exercises and howl as your muscles ripple and respond to the power of the werewolf.


Werewolf Legend Bell


5 / 5 stars