The Werewolf Legend Bell From Onnit: A Review

Werewolf Legend BellThere is something awesomely primal about lifting a hunk of metal off the ground and heaving it about with abandon. Onnit realise this and it is reflected in their savage kettlebell designs.

On a previous post I reviewed their Primal series bells as being the most awesome looking kettlebells out there in the marketplace.

But I think they have just outdone themselves.

Introducing to you iron gamers out there that like to lift in style – The Werewolf Legend Bell.



Onnit Hemp Force Review

hempfI’m a recent convert to hemp protein from whey and I have become a huge fan of Hemp Force from Onnit.

So why my conversion from whey to hemp protein? Basically it came about out of pure curiosity, a need to drop a little weight and some old fashioned keyboard research.

Why my need to hone in on Onnit’s Hemp Force? Simply for the fact that I had such success with Onnit’s T+ and Alpha Brain. Trying their hemp protein blend seemed a no brainer.

Also the added ingredients that are blended with the protein base were conducive to what I was experimenting with when I was using whey protein.



Onnit T + Review

Onnit T+I am doing this Onnit T + review for a reason.

I have an age related confession to make. As of last month, I am now the wrong side of forty-five years old.

This isn’t a problem for me.

I look pretty damned good for my age.

Sure there’s a healthy dose of gray in my beard and a few further streaks are showing in my incrementally receding hairline. But all in all, I have taken pretty good care of myself over the years.

But at around forty-two years old I found that my workouts weren’t quite as enjoyable anymore. My strength levels were still pretty consistent but my energy levels were definitely lower and I was taking longer to recover.