Larry Pacifico: Mr Powerlifting

powerlifter, muscle buildingIf you ask someone in the sport, “What makes a powerlifting legend?”, then there would be very few that do not pass comment on Larry Pacifico. Born in 1946, Pacifico stormed the world powerlifting scene by winning nine consecutive world powerlifting championships from 1971-1979.

Larry was a talented high school athlete. By his senior year he could already bench 300lbs at a weight of 170. Honing his skills in the 1960’s Pacifico entered the world stage in 1971. It was not long before Pacifico was considered the best pound-for-pound powerlifter of the 1970’s and became known as “Mr. Powerlifting”. Pacifico attributes his success to coach Bob Matz and his training partners.