The Werewolf Legend Bell From Onnit: A Review

Werewolf Legend BellThere is something awesomely primal about lifting a hunk of metal off the ground and heaving it about with abandon. Onnit realise this and it is reflected in their savage kettlebell designs.

On a previous post I reviewed their Primal series bells as being the most awesome looking kettlebells out there in the marketplace.

But I think they have just outdone themselves.

Introducing to you iron gamers out there that like to lift in style – The Werewolf Legend Bell.



Primal Kettlebell Review

Primal KettlebellsI’ve always thought that kettlebells look quite cool. But when I look at Primal kettlebells from Onnit, I think they look plain bad ass.

Onnit Labs have some really great products – I’m a huge fan of their supplements.

But they’ve really outdone themselves this time