Primal Kettlebell Review

Primal KettlebellsI’ve always thought that kettlebells look quite cool. But when I look at Primal kettlebells from Onnit, I think they look plain bad ass.

Onnit Labs have some really great products – I’m a huge fan of their supplements.

But they’ve really outdone themselves this time


I mean just look at them.


Kettlebells are pretty faddish right now. They are seen as a modern way to burn fat, increase muscular endurance and get strong all at once.

But kettlebells have been around since the 19th century and they have a place in most old school strength and conditioning programs.

But in my memory I have never seen any that look as good as these.

So let get down to the fundamentals. What are points that make these a good product.


  • They are fully functional kettlebells. They don’t just look good, they perform just as well as your standard kettlebell
  • Primal Bells are perfectly balanced. Each bell has been 3D scanned and re-sculpted many times to ensure optimal balance for a quality workout
  • They are made from high quality, rust and chip resistant coated iron.


Okay, they are the points that make them the same as other high quality kettlebells. But what makes them better?

  • They are sculpted with an enlarged handle for grip strength enhancement
  • They are the perfect blend of performance and art. You just know it’s going to be the coolest looking equipment in any type of gym


They come in three sizes. You can get a:


  • 2 POOD (72lb) Gorilla
  • 1.5 POOD (54lb) Orangutan
  • 1 POOD (36lb) Chimp

So what are the negatives?

They are more expensive that your average kettlebell but this piece of iron is going to hang around you garage/gym for decades – so you might as well have a piece of iron that’s also a piece of art. If you live outside the U.S shipping is exorbitant – but remember they are sending you a cannonball in the mail. They are a limited stock item so it would pay to get in quick. That said, I can see more being made in the future if they fly off the shelves.


This is one of the rare times I am going to give full marks in a review. Onnit Primal Bells are officially the best looking piece of fitness equipment out there – so I’m going to give it full marks

Onnit Primal Bells

primal ketttlebell

5 / 5 stars