Onnit T + Review

Onnit T+I am doing this Onnit T + review for a reason.

I have an age related confession to make. As of last month, I am now the wrong side of forty-five years old.

This isn’t a problem for me.

I look pretty damned good for my age.

Sure there’s a healthy dose of gray in my beard and a few further streaks are showing in my incrementally receding hairline. But all in all, I have taken pretty good care of myself over the years.

But at around forty-two years old I found that my workouts weren’t quite as enjoyable anymore. My strength levels were still pretty consistent but my energy levels were definitely lower and I was taking longer to recover.


I also found that it was somewhat harder to keep my waistline at the same measurement that it always had been for the past fifteen years.

Nutrition and a little targeted cardio kept the expanding waistline at bay but my energy levels were still low.

A visit to my doctor and a blood test later confirmed my suspicion that my T levels were a little low. He recommended TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) but I wasn’t too keen on going down that road.

My reasoning? Introducing testosterone into your body via an external source effectively hampers your body’s own T production system. It also restricts you from competing in a lot of sporting organisations.

So what was my response?

  • Nutritionally I started intermittent fasting and increased my healthy fat intake
  • Reduced the number of my weekly strength workouts but increased their intensity
  • Made sure I was getting eight hours of quality sleep a night
  • Searched for a quality natural testosterone booster and found it in Onnit’s T +

Why T +?

Firstly after investigating  Onnit, I found they had a lot of values similar to my own. The fact that they are dedicated to total human optimization demonstrated they were on the same path that I travel.

As for T+ its most critical selling point for me was that its primary function was to help the body boost internal testosterone production, reduce excess estrogen production and help athletic performance.

All the ingredients were recognizable to me – no chemical names that required a chemical science qualification to decipher what I was putting in my body. And Onnit have a caveat of using the best quality ingredients available on the market today.


The Onnit website said that T + was competition safe for most sporting organizations. Although they did suggest checking with your given athletic organization to double check you weren’t putting something into your body that you shouldn’t.

The catch line on the packaging was “Just add squats” which  firstly made me laugh and secondly put the product (for me) in the class of legitimate sounding supplement over that of farcical miracle cure

It sold me there so I reached for my credit card and ordered.

What were my results?

Well I had fixed my nutrition, my sleep and altered my workouts for about two months before I started supplementing with T +. My energy levels and recovery times were already improving steadily.

I took their recommended dose before workouts for a period of three months, making sure to take a break of two weeks after every four weeks of supplementation.

I have to say I did notice a marked difference in my energy levels and my recovery times. As I’ve said I was already noticing improvements before supplementation but I noticed these levels really spiked after two weeks of usage.

I noticed some people moaned about the taste on the site but I found it pretty palatable. All in all I would say without a doubt that this is a worthy natural testosterone booster.

My caveat would be to see to all factors affecting testosterone production before turning to a supplement. But if you want my recommendation for a high quality effective natural testosterone booster then Onnit T + would be my first choice

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4.5 / 5 stars