Larry “The Legend” Scott

larry scott bodybuilder, old school muscle buildingFor years, the "The Legend" Larry Scott ruled supreme over bodybuilding.

He dominated every aspect of the sport. The first Mr. Olympia in history, the first multiple winner of the title and the first Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia winner was unstoppable and untouchable.

From early on in his career until this day, Larry Scott is a personality in bodybuilding people still seek information from and about.

Larry was born in 1938 and raised in Idaho. Not new to fans of Larry's is the fact he lives in Utah.

The first magazine photos of Larry appeared in a publication called "Tomorrow's Man." Of course he was featured and dominated not only the covers but also the contents of all bodybuilding magazines of the 1960's.


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As anyone who knew Larry growing up could attest, prior to him pumping iron or seeing early photos of him, there was no physical indication of bodybuilding greatness at all. He was thin, narrow shouldered and short in stature.

Being too small for football and too short for basketball, Larry made the gymnastic squad. He soon became an outstanding tumbler and later specialized on the trampoline. In fact he was so proficient on the trampoline that while he was still in high school he toured with the Idaho State College Gymnastic Team.

In 1956, Larry's senior year in high school, he saw his first bodybuilding magazine and started working out with weights. To start with, he rigged up some old axle wheels that he found in a dump.

1958 saw Larry make the move to California and start training at Bert Goodrich's Hollywood Gym. While training at Bert's Larry met Lou Degni who at that time was one of the popular-built men in bodybuilding. Larry credits Degni with giving him many good training ideas.

Soon Larry joined Vince's Gym and developed a deep and mutual friendship with the owner, "The Iron Guru" Vince Gironda. Over the years Vince and Larry both gained recognition from their relationship and forged a strong friendship.

Larry had the looks, charisma, charm, and fan support like no one else in the sport. His popularity extended outside the ranks of bodybuilding into the main stream. His demeanor was accepted in all segments and those meeting Larry never forgot him. He had an almost cult like following. People who never met Larry were totally committed to him.

larry scott bodybuilder, old school muscle building

Perhaps best know for his outstanding arm and shoulder development, by 1964 Larry's physique was considered the absolute best in bodybuilding…ever!

He was also one of the first "champions" people listened to when he talked about nutrition and its importance in bodybuilding. I'm sure others have said it before, but Larry made it something special when he said, "Success in bodybuilding is 75% to 80% nutrition." People like Gypsy Booth, Rheo H. Blair, Vince Gironda, and others were talking about nutrition for years but it didn't seem to mean as much as when Larry said it.

It seems champions always lead the way. Leadership is a quality found in champions. Larry Scott was a leader as well as a champion. He chartered new courses for others who followed. Look carefully at pictures of Scott's physique when he was in his prime. What you see, if you study closely, is almost unbelievable.

A lot of different articles have been written about Larry training routines, some accurate and others the figment of someone's imagination. The truth is Larry followed several different programs.

Larry Scott is best known for his spectacular biceps, triceps, and deltoid development. Even though, over the years he has followed many different programs, his arm routine has been witnessed and documented on many occasions.

Today Larry runs a successful equipment and supplement business and still continues to train!

Bodybuilding Career

  • 1959 Mr. Idaho
  • 1960 Mr. California
  • 1960 Mr. California (Most Muscular, 1st place)
  • 1960 Mr. Los Angeles (Most Muscular, 3rd place)
  • 1960 Mr. Los Angeles (3rd place)
  • 1961 Mr. Pacific Coast (Most Muscular, 1st place)
  • 1961 Mr. Pacific Coast
  • 1962 Mr. America
  • 1963 Mr. Universe (1st place, Medium class)
  • 1964 Mr. Universe
  • 1965 Mr. Olympia
  • 1966 Mr. Olympia