Larry Pacifico: Mr Powerlifting

powerlifter, muscle buildingIf you ask someone in the sport, “What makes a powerlifting legend?”, then there would be very few that do not pass comment on Larry Pacifico. Born in 1946, Pacifico stormed the world powerlifting scene by winning nine consecutive world powerlifting championships from 1971-1979.

Larry was a talented high school athlete. By his senior year he could already bench 300lbs at a weight of 170. Honing his skills in the 1960’s Pacifico entered the world stage in 1971. It was not long before Pacifico was considered the best pound-for-pound powerlifter of the 1970’s and became known as “Mr. Powerlifting”. Pacifico attributes his success to coach Bob Matz and his training partners.



His contemporaries were never sparing in their praise for this powerlifting great. Bill Kazmaier called him a “god in powerlifting” and Don Reinhouldt said that “Larry will always be a legend of all time to us.”

Pacifico has been known to lament the state of modern powerlifting with its multiple organizations and the multitude of lifting equipment. He stated “Meets are too long and boring. They were even boring when we lifted in them. It’s time to restructure the entire game and bring back the fans.” (, 1999) He even went so far as suggesting the elimination of the squat from events, something that powerlifting purists would consider a blasphemy.

In 1998, Larry Pacifico was made a York Barbell hall of famer.

Pacifico retired from powerlifting in 1985 and now own a gym and does personal training in Dayton, Ohio.

Best Competition Lifts

  • Squat: 885lbs
  • Bench Press: 592lbs (raw)
  • Deadlift: 771lbs
  • Total: 2061lbs

Competition Record

AAU World Powerlifting Championships

1st 1971 90kg
1st 1972 100kg



IPF World Powerlifting Championships

1st 1973 110kg
1st 1974 100kg
1st 1975 100kg
1st 1976 90kg
1st 1977 100kg
1st 1978 100kg
1st 1979 100kg






AAU US National Powerlifting Championships

1st 1970 90kg
1st 1971 90kg
1st 1975 100kg
1st 1976 90kg
1st 1977 100kg





USPF National Powerlifting Championships

1st 1979 100kg
2nd 1984 100kg



The video below shows Larry in action in 1975: