Fat Gripz

fat gripzIn the fitness world, it is certainly easy to get caught up in the hype of new products that abound on websites and muscle comics. That is why I first had more than a little scepticism when I saw my first Fat Gripz advertisement. That was 3 years ago and any negativity surrounding this product evaporated after the first workout.

As old school muscle builders we realise the importance of thick bar training – it is essential to increase grip strength so we can push and pull larger amounts of weight. You are only as strong as your weakest link and that is usually grip and forearm strength.



Unfortunately, the price of a genuine thick bar starts around $800, so unless you have that sort of money to kick around or you belong to a really good gym, this situation is not really ideal. Luckily, Fat Gripz are now available: a unique, simple and inexpensive tool that can transform any barbell, dumbbell, cable attachment or chin-up bar into a thick handled device.

What are Fat Gripz exactly?

Put simply Fat Gripz are a pair of military-grade, high density compound sleeves that you slip over the handle on a barbell, dumbbell or chin-up bar. The process of applying these sleeves takes less than 10 seconds. This more than doubles the thickness of whatever bar or handle you are using.

Thick bar training targets your body’s weak links, unlocking massive increases in strength. This form of training essentially enhances what Pavel Tsatsouline calls irradiation – a kinesiological effect that dramatically improves strength.

Fat Gripz are endorsed by a multitude of strength coaches, athletes and writers. Names like Charles Poliquin, Brooks Kubik, Will Brink, Jason Ferruggia, Jim Wendler, Dave Tate and many more, are all associated with the endorsement of this product.

What do Fat Gripz do?

They spread the load more evenly across your body which decreases the risk of injury and enables you to lift more weight.

They increase muscle activation. The action of working your hands and forearms harder has a crossover effect on your upper arms, shoulders, chest and back –depending on what exercise you are doing.

They don’t change your workout schedule at all they only make it all the more challenging.


Are there any negatives to Fat Gripz training?

In any review I like to have some “cons” to balance out a positive review, but in this case it was really difficult to do. You do temporarily have to drop the amount of weight you are lifting until your grip gets stronger but it is hard to call this a negative as the rest of your body is activated by the enhanced grip training.

I have read some reports of slippage on bars but I have used mine for 3 years now under considerable load and have yet to experience this.

In short, Fat Gripz are one of the only products I would give a five out of five rating for. They do what they advertise they will do and they are a very affordable alternative to buying a thick bar


5 / 5 stars      


Fat Gripz