The Werewolf Legend Bell From Onnit: A Review

Werewolf Legend BellThere is something awesomely primal about lifting a hunk of metal off the ground and heaving it about with abandon. Onnit realise this and it is reflected in their savage kettlebell designs.

On a previous post I reviewed their Primal series bells as being the most awesome looking kettlebells out there in the marketplace.

But I think they have just outdone themselves.

Introducing to you iron gamers out there that like to lift in style – The Werewolf Legend Bell.



Onnit Hemp Force Review

hempfI’m a recent convert to hemp protein from whey and I have become a huge fan of Hemp Force from Onnit.

So why my conversion from whey to hemp protein? Basically it came about out of pure curiosity, a need to drop a little weight and some old fashioned keyboard research.

Why my need to hone in on Onnit’s Hemp Force? Simply for the fact that I had such success with Onnit’s T+ and Alpha Brain. Trying their hemp protein blend seemed a no brainer.

Also the added ingredients that are blended with the protein base were conducive to what I was experimenting with when I was using whey protein.



Onnit Alpha Brain Review

alpha brain reviewYou might wonder why I am reviewing Alpha Brain from Onnit Labs. To the average trainee, supplements for brain function seems to have little to do with muscular development training

What has a nootropic supplement have to do with strength and conditioning?

Well, as more advanced trainees inherently know there is an important connection between the muscle and the mind when seriously developing our bodies.

From Sandow to Schwarzenegger, Hepburn to Karwoski, and Kazmaier to Pudzianowski, all bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman champions have spoken to some degree on the importance of the muscle/mind connection when engaging in training and competition.



Onnit T + Review

Onnit T+I am doing this Onnit T + review for a reason.

I have an age related confession to make. As of last month, I am now the wrong side of forty-five years old.

This isn’t a problem for me.

I look pretty damned good for my age.

Sure there’s a healthy dose of gray in my beard and a few further streaks are showing in my incrementally receding hairline. But all in all, I have taken pretty good care of myself over the years.

But at around forty-two years old I found that my workouts weren’t quite as enjoyable anymore. My strength levels were still pretty consistent but my energy levels were definitely lower and I was taking longer to recover.



Primal Kettlebell Review

Primal KettlebellsI’ve always thought that kettlebells look quite cool. But when I look at Primal kettlebells from Onnit, I think they look plain bad ass.

Onnit Labs have some really great products – I’m a huge fan of their supplements.

But they’ve really outdone themselves this time



Six Reasons to Buy Vince Gironda: Legend and Myth



If you are thinking, “Why do I need to buy "Vince Gironda: Legend and Myth”, and can’t come up with a reason – well then listen up


Vince Gironda was truly a legend of the bodybuilding game but perhaps you are tossing up whether this product is worth it. 

Well, I can think of six main reasons off the top of my head to buy this book and there are many more. 



Vince Gironda: Legend and Myth Review


OK. Before you read this review, please let me make it clear to you that I am a huge Vince Gironda fan.
So there will be some bias in this analysis of Vince Gironda: Legend and Myth.
That said, I will try to genuinely give you a fair review of this e-book.
So let’s get down to brass tacks – what is this book actually about?



Bulletproof Upgraded Whey 2.0: Review

Upgraded-Whey-2.0-FRONT-800px-300x300Here at Muscle Old School we treat the “strength and health equation” as fifty-fifty partners in a strong and enduring relationship that will not only make us physically mightier but also longer living as well.

What is the use of being able to do a 500lb+ deadlift if we are going to have a heart attack while doing it?

Nutrition is the cornerstone in any good weight training program – yes, I’m talking to you heavyweight powerlifters out there as well.



Fat Gripz

fat gripzIn the fitness world, it is certainly easy to get caught up in the hype of new products that abound on websites and muscle comics. That is why I first had more than a little scepticism when I saw my first Fat Gripz advertisement. That was 3 years ago and any negativity surrounding this product evaporated after the first workout.

As old school muscle builders we realise the importance of thick bar training – it is essential to increase grip strength so we can push and pull larger amounts of weight. You are only as strong as your weakest link and that is usually grip and forearm strength.



Muscle Gaining Secrets

ferruggiaMuscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 is produced by strength coach and writer, Jason Ferruggia. Its premise is to pack muscle on the skinny frame and transform it to “jacked” in 90 days. We looked into Ferruggia’s program to see if it was worth recommending to readers and we are pleased to sat that this system has a number merits.

Who is Jason Ferruggia?

Jason Ferruggia is a veteran in the strength industry and a regular columnist for Men’s Fitness magazine. He also authors an outstanding blog, as well as guest posting on a number of respected sites such as T Nation,, and many more.