Bulletproof Upgraded Whey 2.0: Review

Upgraded-Whey-2.0-FRONT-800px-300x300Here at Muscle Old School we treat the “strength and health equation” as fifty-fifty partners in a strong and enduring relationship that will not only make us physically mightier but also longer living as well.

What is the use of being able to do a 500lb+ deadlift if we are going to have a heart attack while doing it?

Nutrition is the cornerstone in any good weight training program – yes, I’m talking to you heavyweight powerlifters out there as well.


And if you don’t believe me then check out the photo of Kirk Karwoski  below and tell me powerlifting immortal didn’t take care of his nutrition.

I am an advocate of “real” food nutrition that is higher in proteins and healthy saturated fats and significantly lower (not zero) in carbohydrates that are eaten in planned cycles. I found out about Bulletproof nutrition listening to one of the Dave Asprey podcasts and his philosophy is one that’s closely akin to pre-1970’s iron game nutrition.

It’s almost the same philosophy that Vince Gironda pushed all those years ago but the difference is that Dave actually took these theories and scientifically tested them, found out what was beneficial to optimal nutrition and came up with superior products to suit.

Bulletproof Upgraded Whey 2.0

Sometimes “real food” nutrition does not always fit into the busy trainee lifestyle and nutritional supplementation, with a good whey protein powder, will fill the gap.

The problem is that a lot of whey formulas out there are truly substandard. A lot of powders leave you bloated, and contain sweeteners, artificial flavours, colourings and most importantly pesticide and antibiotic residue. Also many are not made from milk but from cheese making by-products.

This is not the case with Bulletproof Upgraded Whey 2.0. In every sense of the word it is a superior whey formula.

  • Bulletproof Upgraded Whey 2.0 is made from the milk of grass-fed cows pastured in pesticide free fields.
  • Into is added coconut MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride) for its metabolism-boosting qualities
  • Also added is pasture raised colostrum adding vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids into the mix, giving you an added boost of growth immune factors five stronger than normal whey
  • Unlike other whey formulas, Bulletproof Upgraded Whey 2.0 has significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

So that’s a lot of positives to take into account here.

They say that for every positive there are negatives but in this case there are few.

The most glaring negative would be the cost but it’s not a huge factor when you compare it to what I consider its nearest competitor. One 2lb bag of Bulletproof Upgraded Whey 2.0 costs $69.00.

Before going Bulletproof I considered the Optimum Nutrition range of whey powders to be very good. Their cream-of-the-crop whey is Platinum Hydro Whey and comes in at $41.64 for only a 1.75lb bag. But this product doesn’t have the benefits of the MCT Oil and colostrum added.

In addition there are all the artificial additives, soy and sugars in Hydro-Whey to consider. Also Hydro-Whey is hydrolysed a method of filtration that denatures the original proteins. These processes and additives is something that does not come with Bulletproof Upgraded Whey 2.0.

These factors justify the price for me. Quality does come at a cost and we should always be thinking about quality when it comes to nutrition.

I am a hard judge when it comes to rating products here on Muscle Old School. But I find a 4.5 star rating well deserved. Who knows? If the price came down a little,  I will have to raise the rating to a full five stars.

Upgraded Whey

Bulletproof Upgraded Whey Protein

4.5 / 5 stars